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Chocolate Processing

Jams & Jellies

Jams is prepared by boiling the processed fruit, canned fruit or fruit pulp to a suitable consistency with sugar and additives. It has to be free from artificial sweetening agents and shall show no signs of fermentation. Conserve is a generally mixture of more than one fruit, often with added nuts and raisins, that is cooked until it becomes thick. It is used as a spread for breads, pastries and meats, and in the latter use is closest to chutney.

Jelly is the product prepared by boiling the fruit or its pieces or other fruit parts and the extract mixed with sugar and boiling to such a consistency that gelatiniation takes place on cooling. It has to be free from artificial sweetening agents and shall show no signs of fermentation. Soft fruity jelly is 100% vegetarian made from fruit pectin. Our Unique blending process helps in preserving the Natural taste & flavor. We offer you widest range of jellies.

James and Jellies

Chocolate Processing

Chocolate Processing
Chocolate most commonly comes in dark, milk, and white varieties, with cocoa solids contributing to the brown coloration. Chocolate processing covers the blending and refining of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and other Ingredients such as sugar, milk, emulsifying agents and cocoa butter equivalents are also added and mixed.
  Tomato Ketchup & Sauces Tomato Ketchup
This is prepared from sound and ripe tomatoes with or without sugar, salt,vinegar,spices and other condiments,permitted additives and preservatives.It should be free from skin and seeds.It shall be free from other vegetable substances.
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