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Dairy Products

Frozen Dessert

  Frozen Dessert is similar to Ice Cream with only difference that Frozen Dessert is made from Vegetable fat instead of Dairy fat. It can also be made as low fat, medium fat and high fat frozen desserts. Frozen Dessert

Dairy Products

Shrikhand is an Indian & Traditional sweet dish made of strained yogurt. Shrikhand is a dairy product obtained from Chakka or Skimmed Milk Chakka to which Milk fat is added. Shrikhand is available in the country with smooth texture and extended shelf life. It may contain fruit, nuts, sugar, cardamom, kesar and other spices With Different flavors Like Elaichi, Kesar Pista, and Fresh Fruits etc. It will not contain any added colouring and artificial flavoring substances.
From Persian it is the most common South Asian cheese. It is an un aged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice or other food acid.

Paneer or Channa refers to the dairy product obtained from cow or buffalo milk or a combination thereof by precipitation with sour milk, lactic acid or citric acid. It shall have a pleasant flavor. It shall not contain any ingredient foreign to milk. It shall not contain any extraneous colour and flavors.
Basundi is an Indian dessert mostly in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. This is a concentrated, sweetened whole milk dairy product prepared by simmering milk in a karahi so as to allow for the simultaneous formation of a thick creamy layer of skin and the slow evaporation of water after which sugar is added which is followed by concentration.
This is an especially prepared concentrated and sweetened Milk product, containing several layers of clotted cream and sugar. With Different nuts & fresh fruits flavors etc.
Dairy Products
Dairy Products
Dairy Products
Dairy Products
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